Customer Service Solutions

There are so many different ways for businesses and customers to communicate with each other. This can cause issues if you are not equipped to manage a surge of email requests, for instance, or are struggling to answer the inbound call queue in a timely manner.

So what do you do when enquiries are picking up and you’re not quite sure how to scale your team to meet these demands? The simple answer is: get in touch with the experts at Innovision360 to discuss customer service solutions.

First Call Resolution

In the context of customer complaints and help desk tickets, we firmly believe in first call resolutions. You can reduce the amount of calls in your queue by being thorough and efficient with every interaction. Our customer service representatives are trained to integrate with your processes while finding better ways to improve the outcome of every scenario for future reference.

We Understand Your Needs

You can waste a lot of time speaking jargon and reading out tedious scripts. People prefer to engage with interesting personalities rather than robots. Depending on the scope of the call centre campaign, our staff can educate and provide simple explanations to foster a better customer experience. Make every interaction meaningful.

Choose from Email, Voice and Chat Options

Cater to the needs of your audience by providing the right combination of customer service solutions. In addition to traditional call centre capabilities, the team at Innovision360 can also integrate digital processes such as email, live chat and more. We can help you analyse your target audience and determine which platforms will be the most appropriate for your business.

Call Centre Services

Our core customer service solutions include:

Customer Service

We can scale our inbound call centre to accommodate your requirements for a variety of customer service needs.

Inbound Sales

Our team will celebrate success and coordinate winning strategies to sell your products and services.

Help Desk

Streamline your internal IT support and other help desk processes with our implementation processes.

Tech Support

With access to manuals, warranty details and more, our on-call technical support team can add value to your operations by resolving enquiries on the first call or escalate accordingly.

Learn More About Our Customer Service Solutions

Innovision360 are available for all of your contact centre needs. Call today to see how we can optimise your business to be more successful.


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