Live Chat Support Capabilities for Offices and More

Maximise your ROI by incorporating live chat support in your digital communication platforms. You know those handy pop-ups you see where a customer service representative asks if they can assist you? Well, you can streamline the user experience by providing those proactive tools that help users, customers and employees find information quicker.

There are so many useful ways to integrate live chat support.

Sales and Marketing

Prompt the user directly by relying on automated processes to guide potential leads through your website or digital platform. You can streamline the buyers journey with live chat support and boost your conversion rates just by simply integrating this neat service.

Email and Internal Collaboration

The business intranet and servers might be experiencing busy network traffic during peak times of the day as a result of downloads, email exchanges and other online activities. There are more effective means of communication that can de-stress your office network. Live chat support is a clever way to instant message with colleagues in other departments when timely responses are crucial.

IT Support and Help Desk

Sure, you can follow a convoluted process of raising tickets and patiently wait for IT to get back to you via email or a phone call. It’s usually more efficient and simpler to communicate via live chat support for those basic enquiries. Wait times are generally shorter than phone queues and the instant messaging capabilities are perfect for troubleshooting activities with users and IT service desk personnel..

Human Resources and Administration

For quick communications between managers and other employees in an office environment, live chat support is an ideal way to follow up and pass along messages that may not justify sending an email.

Live Chat Support Integration

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