Help Desk Outsourcing to Improve Your Business Operations

Modern businesses and larger enterprises rely on IT professionals to manage everything from the security of vast computer networks and implementing software updates to rectifying hardware issues and other ad hoc tasks around the office. As a business grows, so too does its technical infrastructure. While it may be practical to use your own internal IT department to tend to the needs of your colleagues, you may find a more cost-effective and efficient process by investing in help desk outsourcing.

At Innovision360 we have a dedicated team of trained and experienced IT agents. These individuals can either integrate with your existing IT department or we can fulfil complete help desk outsourcing. We can work with you to accommodate all of your security and compliance requirements.

Depending on the scope of the project, our service desk agents can bolster your IT department and contribute to the workflow on-demand or they can set up a brand new team and start fresh, implementing industry best practice methodologies for your IT requirements. Our staff are capable of providing a range of help desk support including troubleshooting, password changes and similar enquiries.

Help Desk Outsourcing for Escalation Procedures and More

Normally, you would engage in help desk outsourcing to make the best use of your own IT personnel and complement your team with support from a third party. Your help desk would be split into multiple tiers depending on the severity of the ticket raised. Innovision360 can assist with evaluating your IT requirements and recommending a tier structure based on the size of the outsourced team as well as the experience, expertise and capabilities of your internal IT department.

There are many ways to manage your internal and outsourced help desk via a toll-free phone number, web portal, email addresses and live chat options.

Upgrade Your IT Department

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