Live Answering Service and On-Demand Contact Centres

Do you require a live answering service during specific times of the year? There are so many variables that can influence your inbound call volume. If you can forecast periods where those calls will impact your business operations then you should consider your options. Sometimes it’s not financially viable for businesses to invest in a call centre full-time.

When you consider the cost of staff, facilities, technology and everything else that goes with a live call centre you might find yourself running at a loss if you attempt to coordinate your own internal live answering service.

So why over-extend yourself and risk losses? At Innovision360, we can offer you an on-demand package that is price conscious and tailored to satisfy your operational needs.

Rapid Response with Options

With our assistance we can quickly set you up with a flexible live answering service to ensure speed to market and a solution that can be activated and deactivated at will.

Quality Service that Converts

Our customer service representatives provide an exceptional service and are able to assist with complaints while identifying and acting on sales opportunities to make the most of every interaction.

Excellent Value

Take advantage of an arrangement where you do not need to worry about the installation costs and other overheads. Enjoy the perks of an on-demand contact centre with an effective live answering service.

Adapt to the Market

All of our services can be scaled to accommodate changes in the market landscape whether you predict a drop in calls or spikes in inbound call activity. We have the resources to meet all of your on-demand call centre requirements.

You Can Depend on Innovision360

To learn more about our live answering service packages, get in touch with us today. In addition to providing on-demand call centres we also offer other services from inbound sales and technical support to virtual personal assistants and more.


Tell us about your project and we’ll be in touch ASAP.