Virtual Personal Assistants to Improve the Customer Experience

Are you looking for ways to expand your business while completing all of those tedious tasks that you wish you could outsource to a professional third party? Fortunately, at Innovision360 we specialise in providing customer experience solutions such as virtual personal assistants to undertake a variety of time-consuming duties to ensure that your team can focus on your core services.

Proactive Action

When time is money, you need to be able to respond quickly to customer enquiries. Our virtual personal assistants can offer their customer service skills to assist with inbound inquiries.

Fast, Effective Service

Minimise your business’s workload by sharing the love. Our assistants can coordinate over the phone and online to streamline internal processes, set appointments and more.

First Call Resolutions

Did you know that you can reduce callbacks from customers and minimise the number of complaints that you receive by observing attention to detail and setting realistic expectations? Our virtual persona assistants are trained to be attentive, effective and reliable to help you improve your business operations.

We Can Help Prioritise the Tasks that Matter

The team at Innovision360 can assess the nature of your inbound calls and determine better ways of managing frequently asked questions and other basic enquiries. Our virtual personal assistants can answer the low-tier calls and re-direct escalations and high-tier jobs accordingly.

Cost-Effective Business Practices

Cut business expenditure by reducing support costs and larger call volumes that are exacerbated by long call-times.

Consistent Scripts and Branding

Our virtual personal assistants can learn your processes and adapt to your preferred scripts and other brand guidelines to ensure a consistent, professional service.

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