Frequently Asked Questions

1What are inbound sales?
Inbound sales are conversions via inbound phone calls. You can take advantage of general enquiries or specific marketing strategies to sell products and services to customers who show a keen interest by calling your phone line. We also offer cross-channel capabilities and can also chat with customers via email and other digital platforms.
2What are the benefits of live chat functionality?
You can significantly reduce email correspondence bother internally and with customers by offering a live chat option. We can tailor the live chat service for a variety of call types from simple enquiries to more involved sales propositions and more. Call us to discuss your specific requirements.
3What’s a VPA?
A VPA is a virtual personal assistant. We offer VPA services to assist businesses with ad-hoc tasks and other time-consuming duties that might drain a business’s resources.
4What is an on-demand call centre?
An on-demand call centre is a part-time call centre that can be activated when required. This is a brilliant service for businesses because you do not need to worry about the overheads involved in running a full-time call centre operation.
5Why would I outsource appointment setting?
Innovision360 specialise in appointment setting and can help you generate more leads to help your business grow. We use a combination of trained personnel, state-of-the-art communication technology and proven methodologies to achieve great results.
6Why should I set up an IVR?
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is that automated greeting you sometimes hear when you call a business. That greeting would normally provide general information like trading hours or outage details followed by a range of options to reach specific departments. This automated process is ideal for optimising your phone line communications. We can help you set up an IVR.

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