B2B Telemarketing for Quality Leads

Do you need to expand your business operations? Looking for opportunities to sell more of your goods and services? One of the most popular and effective call centre solutions is to engage in B2B telemarketing. Promote your brand awareness by speaking directly to potential customers and other prospects.

As a lead generation company, Innovision360 specialise in CRM analysis and can help you segment your data to improve your sales processes. Our approach is cost-effective because we can review your sales objectives and establish KPIs and strategies that will engage and convert. Why waste time calling a particular demographic when we can also offer data mining solutions to make the most efficient use of all information available.

We can assist you with all aspects of your B2B telemarketing campaigns from streamlining processes and identifying trends to developing a database that will maximise your ROI.Our outbound calling capabilities can be scaled to accommodate your specific requirements.

Why Should You Outsource Your B2B Telemarketing Appointment Setting?

Are your sales teams hindered by administration duties and other ad-hoc tasks? In our experience, your sales team should focus on what they do best. If a sales agent is spending more time lining up meetings and interviews than closing deals then you can already see some room for improvement.

At Innovision360 we offer B2B telemarketing services that take a lot of the administrative burden away from your sales professionals. Outsource your requirements for setting appointments both internally and externally with our customer service representatives. In addition to scheduling, our call centre is also trained in inbound sales, lead generation, market research, customer feedback and retention and so much more. We can add value to your B2B telemarketing.

Appointment Setting with Innovision360

Contact us today to learn more about our customer experience solutions and sales and marketing strategies. We can transform your business by simply adding value and providing the support that sales teams need in order to be successful.


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