A Logistics Call Centre for Better Freight Operations

Do you coordinate a variety of freight operations throughout Australia and the rest of the world? How many calls do you receive in regards to tenders and quotes for cargo consolidation? Are you getting a lot of customs brokerage enquiries?

For some organisations, inbound calls are easily managed however as your business expands you need a communications infrastructure that can scale with you. If you do not have the internal facilities, staff and technology to effectively cater to your customers then perhaps it is time to outsource your needs for a logistics call centre.

At Innovision360, we are able to provide plenty of options for your very own logistics call centre. We offer on-demand capabilities as well as full-time support. Also, we can focus on other complementary services such as inbound sales and telemarketing and more to add value to your organisation. Whatever you need, we can scale to accommodate your operational requirements.

The Advantages of Running a Logistics Call Centre

Lead Generation

We can help improve the quality of your leads by recommending IVR setup and other effective customer service processes.

IT Solutions Integration

You can integrate your dashboard reporting and tracking software with your CRM systems to provide meaningful updates for your customers. When someone calls in to follow up on their cargo our logistics call centre can provide real-time feedback.

Positive Customer Experiences

Our customer service representatives can promote your brand and define your reputation by simply communicating with customers in a consistent, professional manner. We can align our services with your scripts and processes for compliance. Alternatively, we can also offer our advice in terms of industry best practice.

Shift More Freight Today

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