Appointment Setting for Recruitment Call Centres

Do you have an ongoing demand for scheduling candidates for group interviews? The amount of work involved in setting appointments for so many individuals can be tedious and too time-consuming for smaller organisations to cope with. It’s time to invest in more sensible, cost-effective solutions. Optimise your scheduling capabilities by outsourcing your needs for a recruitment call centre.

Innovision360 specialise in providing exceptional customer service while adhering to project guidelines and policies. We observe your methodologies and also identify opportunities to improve. We can also take the lead in terms of running your campaign if you are keen to see an improvement in conversions and similar metrics.

Other Recruitment Call Centre Services

We can also add value to your organisation by providing other services that can be tailored to accommodate your specific business objectives. Some of these alternative recruitment call centre opportunities include:

  • Information help desk
  • Technical support hotline
  • Telemarketing(inbound and outbound)
  • Market research
  • Quality assurance
  • Training and assessment support

CRM Setup and Integration

Most modern recruitment call centres use CRM systems to collect information about contacts, customer interactions as well as other notes to be shared with relevant third parties (if applicable). The team at Innovision360 can help you establish effective IT solutions to complement and inbound and outbound strategies.

On-Demand Call Centre Capabilities

Some recruitment agencies do not need to have full-time access to a call centre because they already have the staff and the facilities to manage on their own. When there is a demand that the agency cannot meet, during peak times of the year for instance, smaller organisations will have a practical need to work with an external recruitment call centre.

Outsource Your Recruitment Call Centre Requirements

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