Solar Leads and Setting Appointments

How do you manage your solar leads? Innovision360 can add value to your solar PV operations by setting up an effective service desk that specialises in both inbound and outbound call taking. We can provide the contact centre you need to set appointments for installations, warranty claims, defect notices, inspections—whatever you need to remain agile in this competitive market.

Solar leads are important to maintain because the incentive to sign up is becoming increasingly challenging. While feed-in tariffs are not as generous as they used to be, battery configurations are about to become the next big thing in the industry.

Why You Should Nurture Your Solar Leads

That initial phone conversation to schedule a site inspection or solar PV installation is important. You can reduce the number of inbound complaints you receive simply by being clear and concise in all of your dealings.

At Innovision 360 we have the experience and the technical know-how to be helpful, professional and also realistic in terms of setting expectations for estimated timeframes and more. To learn more about how we can manage your solar leads, get in touch with us today.

Service Desk Support

Installers and other CEC accredited technicians are so busy in the field installing solar panels and performing other duties that they often lack the appropriate customer service infrastructure required to communicate effectively with customers, colleagues and other third parties. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than to call a mobile phone number, leave messages and not hear back from the installation team, especially when the matter is urgent.

By outsourcing your service desk to a company like Innovision360, we can assure a better customer experience while promoting brand and product confidence.

We Can Manage Your Solar Leads

Innovision360 specialises in providing contact centre sales and marketing strategies. Contact us today to see how we can integrate with your business model to boost lead generation, set appointments with customers and so much more.


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