Telecommunication Services with Outsourced Appointment Setting Capabilities

Mobile Communication Support and Technician Scheduling

Did you know that Australia’s wireless communication networks rely on hundreds of mobile phone towers as well as thousands of digital broadcast sites? Our population is so dependent on wireless internet connections and mobile phones that it makes sense that there are dedicate technicians tasked with upgrading and maintaining this infrastructure on a regular basis.

As a result, network owners and operators outsource their technical requirements to professional contractors. To manage this vast team of telecommunication services you need to centralise your appointment setting with a call centre like Innovision360 for optimal efficiency. Our contact centre can provide all of the appointment setting requirements you need in order to add value and streamline your telecommunication services when organising technicians in the field.

Fixed Communications Installations and Infrastructure Maintenance

Copper wiring and fibre-optic cables transmit data to millions of users across Australia. There are so many businesses involved in the design, installation, maintenance of this important infrastructure that you need an impressive point of difference to compete in the telecommunication services industry.

We can help you maximise your ROI by being smart about your technician deployment. Coordinate more effective telecommunication services by outsourcing your appointment setting for:

  • Telecommunications base station maintenance
  • Rooftop inspections
  • Support at concealed worksites
  • HV tower installations, repairs and more

Customer-Centric Focus

In addition to providing appointment setting support to technical teams we also offer exceptional customer service to customers and other third parties. We understand what it takes to ensure a positive customer experience so we work with you to improve processes, identify opportunities to make a difference while being transparent and open with the customers that we communicate with.

Optimised Telecommunication Services

Consider the customer experience and outsource your appointment setting needs with Innovision360 today.


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