Inbound Sales—Best Practice for Mass Marketing

Once upon a time call centres focused solely on aggressive outbound campaigns to sell goods and services. The idea is that you spam call as many prospects as possible and hope that you eventually convert in the process. While outbound methodologies can work, they are not as efficient or as strategic as coordinating inbound sales.

Why Are Inbound Sales Better?

The inbound sales strategy focuses on the individual’s needs, or pain points, rather than telling people what their priorities are. Your customers are more likely to invest their energy and their money into the things that they feel will benefit them rather than fall for calls-to-action that are generalised for a wider outreach.

The team at Innovision360 are very familiar with inbound sales and can help you overhaul your mass marketing processes from the ground up. Most importantly, you can outsource your requirements for an inbound sales call centre and we will do the rest.

What Are Buyer Personas?
Why Does Everything Have a Solution?

Before you can start an inbound sales campaign you need to determine two important factors: who is your audience and why do they need your goods and services? If you can confirm your buyer personas i.e. profile your customers (demographic, occupation, social interests etc.) as well as provide a solution to a problem that they have then congratulations you are one step closer to closing a sale without having to focus on outbound calls.

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Inbound sales requires research, finesse and a well-executed plan to see positive results. At Innovision360 we have the technology, the experience and the staff to hit the ground running with an effective campaign that will set your business up for success. Become a part of the inbound marketing revolution and celebrate success as your conversion rates soar. Contact us today for more information.


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