Data Cleansing Services

Maintaining your customer database and engaging in data cleansing services can be tedious for some organisations. Ideally, you should have IT professionals proactively monitoring your digital platforms for security and compliance as well as ensuring that your software integrations are all working seamlessly together.

If you do not have the internal infrastructure to facilitate a full-time IT department, consider outsourcing your data cleansing services to the sales, marketing and customer service professionals at Innovision360.

We understand that your databases contain business-critical information about your customers and so much more. Some organisations simply do not have the IT support to correctly maintain databases when they deteriorate. In order to expand and ensure exceptional customer service, you need IT platforms that are reliable and secure as well as administration staff who can implement automated scripts and other tech savvy strategies to optimise your sales and marketing efficiencies.

Data Integrity

The quality and accuracy of the information that you collect needs to be perfect. Simple typos or database glitches can severely impact the workflow of customer service representatives and can trigger customer complaints.

When information cannot be recovered you can depend on our call centre team to follow up with customers to refresh missing details while providing exceptional customer service. Our staff are trained to use any appropriate opportunity to promote and sell products and services so we can spin almost any scenario in to a sales opportunity.

Our methodologies will help you make informed decisions about the direction of your sales and marketing strategies as well as maximise your ROI.

The Perks of Using Our Data Cleansing Services

  • Optimised database maintenance
  • Reduced account management time
  • More opportunities to sell and promote goods and services
  • Accurate, up-to-date contact information

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