Interactive Voice Response—IVR Systems

Are your phone lines being hammered by large volumes of inbound calls? Long wait times can be frustrating for customers to endure, especially when they have a very simple enquiry or are constantly being transferred to the wrong department. IVR systems can improve the customer experience by automating the introduction or welcome phase of an inbound phone call.

Our IVR systems use a combination of speech recognition and keypad inputs to direct callers to the right people. As part of the automated greeting, you can include answers to frequently asked questions such as trading hours, outage information—whatever you like.

IVR systems serve as an effective stalling strategy for customer service representatives and can also be used to keep the caller informed while they are on hold. If the queue wait time, for example, is more than a minute, you can provide automated voice notifications for the caller. These simple additions to your inbound communications channels will streamline your business operations in a big way.

Segment Callers

How many departments does your company have? Rather than let your reception desk receive calls about marketing, accounts, sales inquiries and every other area of your business, you can use IVR systems to determine the reason for the call and then re-direct where it is most appropriate. By segmenting these communications, you are optimising the communication process while helping reduce wait times for the poor reception desk.

Prioritise Calls

Does your organisation have multiple inbound queues? You can also use IVR systems to change priority settings for a number of reasons from a spike in forecasts due to product launches to assisting help desks and general enquiry lines when there is an overflow of inbound calls.

Establish Your Brand

Start-ups and smaller companies may want to appear bigger than they really are. An easy way to do that is to automate your reception greeting to simulate the feel of larger corporations.

CRM Integration

Your IVR systems can be integrated with our CRM for detailed reporting capabilities.

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