Text Message Marketing

SMS marketing is a useful technique for promoting your brand. You can liaise with our team at Innovision360 to run a successful text message marketing campaign. Here are some of our guidelines when working with SMS.

Find the Right Subscribers

If your audience simply opt out of your messaging campaign from the very beginning, then what's the point? Be transparent and ensure that you are targeting the right demographic/buyer personas. We can assist in this process to improve your campaign before it even begins.

Permission is Essential

There are heavy penalties for breaching the law due to spamming and sending unsolicited messages. At Innovision360 we can help protect your brand by ensuring that you proceed with washed lists and other best practices.

Frequency of Messages

We don't like spam or too much information on a frequent basis from the same source. Be strategic about your timing. If your plan involves sending more than four messages in a month, consider your output and how effective each message will be.

Text at Reasonable Hours

Your subscribers won't expect a text at 3am, so don't do it. The time of day that you send texts can be quite influential. A pizza promotion on a Friday night, for instance, will generally be more effective than sending the same text on a Monday morning. Innovision360 can help you isolate trends in the market and find the best times to message your subscribers.

Get in Touch with the Team at Innovision360

Call us today to learn more about text message marketing. We can assist you with making the most of all communication channels from phone to email to live chat in order to maintain a competitive, efficient business operation.


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